Day Sailer


The Day Sailer dinghy 5.70 m is a partially decked dinghy, equipped with two berths suitable for day cruising for 4/5 people or a short cruise for 2 people.
The mahogany planking is “clinker” and its appearance and the sail plan is traditional and similar to Dinghy 12p SI.

The hull lines are new and have been designed to give good sailing performances taking into consideration the running under power. The result is a versatile boat.

The cockpit is self draining and the cabin is water tight, making this boat both efficient and safe.

The vessel is made entirely of wood that has been carefully varnished. The bowsprit, the sailing equipment (with wooden mast and coloured sails) and the care given to the fittings and details are all elements that give a special feature to this traditional boat.

The 11 HP engine can either be outboard, or on request, inboard. The lifting keel and the lifting rudder makes it easy to trail on the road and also makes it easy to land on the beach. A stainless steel plate mounted under the keel, facilitates this operation, also acting as protection. The mast which is hinged in its step on the deck is easy to take down.



Length ft.
5.70 m
1 inboard engine:
Diesel - 11 HP
2.12 m
2 o 3
450 Kg
Sail area:
18 mq
0.25 - 1.30 m


Builder: Colombo Leopoldo costruttore barche – Grandola ed uniti (Como) – Italia
Designer: Aldo Gatti yacht design – Milano – Italia