Anchor locker
The bow locker is large and has easy access for the storage of the anchor warp, lines and locker.

The large and comfortable cockpit has ample space for 6 people. The sail sheet does not interfere with the crew. The lockers under the benches are large and provide easily accessible storage space.

Sail handling
All the controls are in the cockpit; the 4 stoppers and the winch allow the hoisting and lowering of the gaff and to take the first and second reef without leaving the cockpit. The “Lazy Jack” supports the boom and contains the sail when lowered.

Everything is its place and a place for everything! A good working area and sink with foot pump. The hob with two rings is housed under a lid which can be closed when the hob is not in use to provide a working surface for the cook.

Everything has been designed for ultimate comfort and pleasure; the warm glow of the cherry wood enhanced by creative lighting gives a restful atmosphere after a long day in the sun and wind.

Chart table
The chart table is complete with a large book shelf which can contain books and instruments for the voyage. By lifting the top of the table you have access to the chart drawer.


The Cat-Boat, is a typical American boat designed and built in the first half of the 19th century. It was first used as a working boat and then for cruising and racing. With its distinguished profile, the wide beam and strong mast firmly positioned at the extremity of the bow, the Catboat is an integral part of the scenery of any North American bay from New Jersey to Massachussets.

The stories of the Cape Cod fishermen are a testimony to their passion for this excellent sailing boat : fast, easy to manoeuvre single handed and steady on course. All pictorial records dating from 1890 snow large flotillas of Catboats anchored in the harbour at Vineyard and Nantucket. Time has not diminished the appeal of these characteristic boats which have a large number of fans worldwide.

Our company with the production of “Difference” wants to revive the magic and romantic atmosphere of the old Catboats. The most advanced technology and modern materials are intelligently combined with fine woods and exquisite finishes to offer to our clients an exclusive craft giving a unique experience.



Lenght ft.
7.15 m
Hull construction:
2.47 m
0.62 - 1.35 m
Waterline length:
6.04 m
Sail area:
23 mq
1.450 Kg
Diesel HP14


Builder: Colombo Leopoldo costruttore barche – Grandola ed uniti (Como) – Italia
Designer: Aldo Gatti yacht design – Milano – Italia